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Email Marketing

Help your marketing campaign with effective email marketing.

We can develop inspiring email marketing campaigns to drive the right traffic to your website. We also have advanced tracking and reporting systems that allows you to trace the success of every email campaign, enabling you to measure who your potential customers are.

Advantages to using Lime Mail

• Drive website traffic directly to your website
• Greater cost savings compared to traditional postal methods
• Instant send and receive to potential customer for viewing
• Target the right people with your email information
• Trackable statistics on who has read, deleted and visited your website

We can carry out every aspect of your email marketing campaign. We can manage, design, and develop leaving you to see a statistics account of what is exactly happening with your customers response.

To find the options available with Lime Mail contact us on Tel:0800 158 38 48

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Cottage Delight goes live. Phase 1 has been implemented with a proposed Phase 2 taking place to enable online sales. Cottage Delight can be found on shelves in Harrods, House Of Fraser and Independant Garden Centres and Deli's up and down the country.

Speedy Electrical With the successful launch of Speedy Electrical, a SEO and PPC campaign have been put in place. With this work being carried out a dramatic increase in website traffic and sales are now being received which has blown all initial expectations of the site.
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